United Smiles is a good fit for Kensington and makes no bones about that, including using the neighbourhood name in their moniker. The front desk staff is friendly which helps to lower stress and disarm you and get your guard down as you come in. The ambiance is casual with a tiny waiting room and front desk so you are never ignored while rubbing elbows with others and making it easy to chat with the staff as you sit in your chair.

Their political stance is highlighted and obvious with many cues for you to ponder as you wait. Their Haitian ethnicity and dental volunteering they do in Haiti regularly helps to set them apart from the typical all-business dental clinic and is heartwarming. There are pictures of their trips and even their free wifi password includes a hint to their dedication to helping others in need.

The talent that work there are competent and have great communication skills which always helps to make your visit a good one. If they can handle helping out people abroad you know that taking care of your dental problems here should be a cinch for them. The space is bright and airy with a long hallway of open stalls where patients get their treatment. At the very back of the space it’s like you’re at the back patio of Jimmy’s coffee or some other cool spot in the market. Best part is they are open Saturdays, so you may be able to simply grab a coffee and saunter in for your dental needs without having to do a stress-inducing drive or trip across town.

Martin S.
The service of this place is out of the world. Clinic is a bit run down in a pretty run down neighborhood, but both the reception desk and hygienist and doctors are very friendly.

Received my best cleaning form Hygienist Danielle. My teeth looked fabulous. My last dentist couldn’t do a better job himself. 10/10

Ian H.
I came by looking to book a cleaning sometime – but they were ready right then and there, so I got one on the spot.

Super friendly people here. My dentist was incredibly nice, welcoming and thoughtful; she took the extra moments to explain each step along the way, and helpfully suggested a few things I could do better. The cleaning itself was careful and painless.

Processing my dental insurance was a breeze, and I was happy to contribute a few extra bucks to help their annual trip to Haiti where they give dental help to people in need of it.

As strange as it may sound, I had a great time at the dentist. 10/10!

Phil S.
I am 31, With the exception of 1 year when I lived in Calgary my teeth have only been touched by the wonderful staff of USK and Dr. Ron Nazon. The staff are amazing and super gentle. Not once have I felt any amount of pain when getting my teeth cleaned or teeth extracted (Wisdom teeth). I can’t see myself ever going anywhere else to get my oral care taken care of and will be sure that when I have a family of my own that they will be brought to USK. The one year that I wasn’t able to go to USK as a result of living on the other side of the country was the one year that I felt pain in a dental chair. USK staff treat their patients as if they were in the patients’ chair and takes really great care of their patients. Such a wonderful office with great staff, that go above and beyond. Thanks USK.
Justin Robinson
Just got my wisdom tooth removed. The staff is so friendly .The Dentist was so sweet and made the whole experience a delightful one. I would absolutely recommend anyone to come here. 10/5 ( that’s not a mistake .They went above and beyond my expectations)
Keisha Cee
Sweet staff, great pricing & location. Love supporting the work they do in Haiti too
Sher Martelle-Climas